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Did you know web sites can be penalized by search engines and could be placed on a black list, to not be spidered by search engines in any respect, if adult sites or crawlers are located on the server? Bans are placed on internet servers, including all domains on that server not just the individual problem websites. You choose your server company and should know your hosting neighbors. It is not easy to know who your hosting neighbors are. The solution, for Apex companies, is to go with the reliable and responsible web hosting company CII Technology Solutions, in the triangle. Since we host our customers, we control who’s on our servers.

CII Technology Solutions provides managed hosting choices for our customers’ websites and software solutions. We work with trusted data centers to provide solutions perfectly suited customize and execute for our customers. This means the server and network system maintenance, upgrades, patches, observation, etc. is taken care of by a committed team of Apex network professionals.

Our dedicated specialists and superior support will guarantee maximum up time and the online connection for your business website. Whether you have a simple brochure or a full e-commerce website, your needs will be accommodated by CII’s hosting applications, storefront. You are not just a number with CII, you are our neighbor in Apex. We expect to provide the best hosting option for our customers. We do not allow adult sites or other high traffic, spam laden websites on Any of our servers.

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