Why Should you Outsource your IT?

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January 23, 2014
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Computers and the internet are the backbone of business’s in today’s world – that isn’t ever going to change.

Computer network, servers, internet connection, email, and data protection are crucial parts of every business’s infrastructure, no matter the size or industry.

So, who makes sure it all works (and stays working) at your business?  Are you certain that issues affecting your business’s technology can be handled immediately and professionally?  An internal employee might seem up to the task, but what happens if he/she has other work to do or can’t fix the problem?  What happens if “the IT guy” is out sick or on vacation?  Managers may frequently ignore these questions; however, they are crucial to keeping your business running, and addressing problems before they happen.  Hiring outside IT professionals is becoming a more and more common decision for small to medium-sized businesses, and there are many good reasons for why you should outsource your IT.

Highly Experienced Professionals

Outsourcing IT to a managed service provider (MSP) gives business owners/managers access to highly trained experts.  Compared to one-man internal IT departments, teams of certified professionals at IT firms are often the best in the field, and provide:

  • better setup
  • better support
  • more protection

MSPs include a team of highly trained IT professionals that offer a wide range of services; and can remotely solve issues off-site, or visit your office for support if needed.  MSPs can improve a business’s technology landscape in a number of ways:

  • upgrade network performance
  • protect data
  • reduce downtime
  • host/store email or data

Outsourced IT teams not only combine for many years of experience, but also have access to all of the latest technology to help a business run smoothly, find cost-effective solutions, and most importantly, eliminate the need to rely on one single person.

24/7 Team Availability

An Outsourced IT team is typically available 24/7 to help businesses with any issues that may arise.  They may not be right down the hall from your office, but they are only a quick call or email away, any hour of the day.  A one-person in-house IT department can give immediate help, too; but what if he/she is sick or on vacation?

Another benefit of outsourcing a team from an MSP is that even if one, or a couple, member(s) of the team are out sick, the job still gets done.  Even if your office is closed or no one is there, your off-site IT team can remotely monitor or fix your company’s networks and servers without having to step foot inside your office.

It’s Cheaper than In-House

Hiring an outside IT company is not only great for immediate hands-on problem-solving, but is also extremely cost competitive.  Having a team of professionals outsourced is consistently found to be less expensive that hiring an in-house IT employee.  Michigan-based MSP, Secure-24, gives a great analysis of the cost-benefits of outsourcing IT services.  Internal IT employees will require you to pay a rate or salary, payroll taxes, and vacation/benefits in most cases.  Managed service providers also keep your costs streamlined and predictable, making it much easier to budget and forecast your IT expense.  MSP’s like Cii won’t lock you into a contract or charge you a setup fee; so you can upgrade your services as you grow, or decrease your service if you need to spend your budget differently.  This freedom and flexibility makes an MSP attractive to many owners and managers who aren’t certain what their IT budget will look like 10 months from now.


As the benefits of outsourcing IT continue to increase, IT decisions become more important and the size of the business becomes less relevant.  All businesses now need a solid network and infrastructure to stay competitive in their industry.  Cii offers unique solutions and packages to businesses with various levels of needs.  If reliable infrastructure, fast networks, consistent costs, and unbeatable service are things you wish for, then Cii is just what your business needs.  Get in touch with us today to discuss any IT-related questions you may have.