Your New Business Year Resolution: an IT Partnership

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December 25, 2012
Get Your Piece of the Cloud in 2013
January 9, 2013

It’s a brand new year, and time to put those resolutions in practice. Here’s one you might not have thought of: getting a good IT partner for your business. That’s a plan that will help you reach your other goals for 2013 and keep a lot of pitfalls out of your path.

Want a practical example? Let’s look at malware. We’ve covered that topic a lot this past year on the blog, and for good reason: malware can be a major problem.

  • Components important to your business (like an e-commerce store or payment system) can go down.
  • Sensitive information about you and your customers can be stolen.
  • Other computers from partners and clients you work with can be infected.

That kind of damage can be difficult to recover from even if you’re a major company with big pockets and a large IT staff to clean up the mess. A small businesses could be buried.

How does an IT partner help?

  • We provide a well-rounded plan to cover all the components of your business IT.
  • We backup all your data so that you can get up and running quickly after an emergency.
  • We warn you about problems as they happen (and sometimes before!) so you have time to proactively handle the situation.

As network security vendor Fortinet recently published, “While new cybercrime syndicates will continue to emerge and proliferate, organizations that arm themselves with a solid, multi-layered security strategy and security best practices are doing their part in the effort to reduce the effectiveness of cybercrime.”

An IT partner can provide your business with the peace of mind needed to face whatever craziness the new year brings. We’d be happy to begin helping your business today.